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Beyond What's It Called? speaker

Names are primary and fundamental brand-building tools. To attract the attention and interest of your target audience, you've got to have an engaging answer to the question, "What's it called?" As the first point of contact, a brand name makes a powerful statement. But it's not the last word.

Important as the initial introduction is, lasting brand relationships are based on a total brand experience. A brand name -- corporate, product or service -- inhabits a larger language landscape. That landscape is central to the overall brand experience, providing a context in which your brand name will be understood and appreciated.

The language landscape that surrounds your brand name can encompass everything from other deliberate verbal branding elements -- such as taglines, descriptive product vocabulary, advertising or promotional slogans, and website text -- to more organic verbal expressions, such as CEO speeches, press releases, corporate white papers, and the greeting the public receives on the telephone or in person.

Effectively leveraging all verbal brand expressions to create a coherent, compelling and consistent brand experience is in the best interest of your brand-building endeavor, and will help you establish and maintain meaningful brand relationships.

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