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The Name Is Just the Beginning of a Brand
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Congratulations! You've selected a new name for your company or product. You've worked with your trademark counsel to ensure its registerability and you've conducted linguistic analyses to ensure that the name is appropriate in all your key international markets. Now you're good to go, and ready to watch that brand equity grow, right?

Of course not. Your new name certainly has the power to help you project a particular image and suggest specific, advantageous brand associations. It's a very good brand beginning. But because a brand is realized not as a word on a piece of paper but as a complete experience, there's still real work ahead.

To convert that word into a meaningful and valuable brand, you have to be willing to invest the time, money, and resources it takes to establish and sustain a coherent, compelling, and consistent brand experience.

You'll need to leverage all available media to communicate and complement, verbally and visually, the core brand attributes your name represents. Initially you'll need to get the word out, of course, but you'll also have to be prepared to update and refresh certain brand manifestations and communications in response to constantly changing market forces and "cultural moments," without ever compromising your brand's fundamental integrity. And you'll need to ensure that all behaviors emanating from your organization demonstrate and effectively reinforce the brand promise.

In other words, there's still a great deal of work that needs to be done to bring your brand to life and keep it breathing.

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