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taking your company online

The Internet is here to stay, and having an online presence is an important part of any business plan. For most companies, the first step is securing a domain name. Unfortunately, that's often more difficult than you might anticipate. Metaphor offers this overview of the history, importance, and future of domain names to assist in that process.


What's a Domain Name?

A domain name is your address on the Internet. It's also called a Uniform Resource Locator, or URL, and it serves a function similar to the mailing address used by the postal service to deliver your printed mail: it identifies the location where you can receive information or where others can access information that you make available. We don't all need the same things from our websites -- they can range from a simple presentation of your offline contact information to a virtual storefront with all the bells, whistles, and security features available to online shoppers -- but we all need a simple and memorable way for our customers and clients, present and potential, to find us online.

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