why metaphor?

Today's marketplace is intensely crowded, fiercely competitive, and truly global. Business success in this environment demands that the unique value of your brand proposition be effectively communicated to every important audience. To be noticed, understood and appreciated, your company, product, or service has to convey a genuine point of differentiation. The target audience has to appreciate its relevance. Real brand personality has to be quickly established and consistently expressed.

A number of different brand-building activities -- among them positioning, research, naming, graphic and interactive design, advertising, and promotion -- are part of a complete and compelling brand solution. Verbal branding, which involves the entire language landscape a brand inhabits as well as corporate, product and service name development, is a highly specialized activity within the larger brand marketing mix requiring specific skills, talents and experience.

verbal branding quote

Metaphor's expertise is in the verbal articulation of brand promise. For companies poised to market new, expanded, or repositioned products and services in a crowded and competitive global marketplace, Metaphor develops effective verbal branding solutions that capture the unique promise of a brand and convey its value to all important audiences. To the brand-building endeavor we bring