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Articulating Brand Promise™

Simply put, brand consists of the distinguishing characteristics that differentiate one company, product or service from another company, product or service in the competitive marketplace. A strong brand needs to be credible, distinctive, and relevant to the needs and wants of the target audience.

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When a nexus of believable attributes, compelling personality traits, and meaningful associations is effectively communicated, it creates a set of expectations in the hearts and minds of your various audiences -- essentially a brand promise that, when kept, leads to marketplace success. Expressing that promise, in a language both visual and verbal, is key to the strength and longevity of your brand. Metaphor specializes in the clear, compelling, and consistent verbal articulation of brand promise.

All of a company's verbal brand expressions, beginning with corporate, product and service names and extending to the entire language landscape a brand inhabits, offer essential clues as to what expectations that brand intends to meet or exceed.

Names and taglines have to be appropriate to the endeavor and successful in illuminating a credible and relevant positioning. The vocabulary that surrounds a brand, everything from company and product names, descriptors, taglines, and directional signage to menu items, advertising, jingles, and press releases, has to support the brand positioning and reflect a distinctive brand personality. The tone of your brand voice, in all of its applications, has to signal precisely what kind of relationship this brand aspires to have with customers, employees, partners, shareholders, and a worldwide public.

Metaphor's verbal branding expertise can provide the language tools you need to create or sustain a successful brand. Our verbal branding solutions enable your company to