Metaphor's Language Mapping™ Methodology

Branding is a means to an end: your business objectives can best be achieved by clearly defining your brand's purpose and relevance, expressing an appealing brand personality, effectively engaging the audience, and compellingly communicating, in a consistent brand voice, real distinction in the marketplace.

Branding is a means to an end

Metaphor's Language Mapping™ methodology delivers verbal branding solutions that successfully align your brand's verbal expressions with your company's strategic intent. Our unique methodology facilitates productive discussion and consensus decision-making regarding the core messages that need to be conveyed by names and other verbal brand expressions and enables us to arrive at appropriate creative solutions to a host of verbal branding challenges.

In everything we do, whether it's defining a brand, crafting a positioning statement, or generating creative names and taglines, Metaphor's Language Mapping™ methodology results in the compelling articulation of your brand promise. Our solutions are based on a clear understanding and synthesis of

While every verbal branding project is unique, we believe that the best solutions are generated by working closely with our clients and following a step-by-step process that includes establishing a strategic branding framework, conducting a thorough creative exploration, and undertaking the appropriate marketplace screenings. Metaphor's typical name development process encompasses

Strategic Framework

Verbal branding strategy
Competitive situation analysis
Verbal audit
Objectives and criteria

Creative Exploration

Directed brainstorming
Name generation
Creative facilitation
Name evaluation

Marketplace screening

Linguistic assessment
Name research
Domain name screening
Preliminary US and international trademark screening