the metaphor difference

Successful verbal branding solutions capture the unique promise of a brand and convey its value to all important audiences.

Metaphor develops names and other verbal branding solutions that answer specific marketing and communications objectives and speak directly to the target audience about your brand's proposition and value. What most distinguishes Metaphor's approach to verbal branding is

Applied Literacy: The verbal playing field is constantly shifting

Business idioms and technical jargon are quickly dated: today's industry standard terminology will be something entirely different in tomorrow's Wall Street Journal. Likewise, popular culture -- anything from a best-selling book to a hit television show to a chart-topping rock band -- has an enormous impact on the entire language landscape.

Metaphor has a firm grasp on business language trends and the ability to judge what "new" vocabulary will have staying power. We also make it our business to understand how popular culture influences meaning, which is something that computers and software can't do. This particular blend of business and cultural literacy enables us to develop solutions that are appropriate to the time and place in which they exist as well as to the endeavor they represent.

Sensitivity to Brand Identity Sensibilities: Solutions have to fit "from the inside out"

Companies, like segmented audiences, have distinct needs, special priorities, and unique sensibilities. Critical to the success of any verbal branding solution is that it be as appropriate to the internal corporate culture to which it belongs as it is to each of its intended markets.

Because we are extremely sensitive to the specific brand identity requirements of the individual corporate cultures within which we work, Metaphor's solutions resonate as powerfully with those who must "speak" the brand as with those who will "hear" it.

Collaboration and Process Integration: There is no "black box"

Ours is an open, collaborative methodology that fosters client ownership of the process and facilitates internal acceptance of strategic objectives. It permits active participation of other strategic and creative partners at key points throughout the verbal branding process.

Metaphor's unique ability to integrate our methodology into the business and branding processes of others promotes a greater understanding of how naming and verbal branding can advance a company's business goals and enables continuity in all brand communications.