commitment to literacy

Words and language are the heart and soul of Metaphor's business. Day in and day out, we work hard to find just the right language solutions to our clients' verbal branding challenges, applying what we think is an appropriate and effective blend of academic, business, and cultural literacy. We couldn't do what we do if we didn't have a profound appreciation of the real power of words -- to inform, inspire, persuade, entertain, amuse, and even shock. We believe that it is language itself that essentially defines the terms of engagement with information and important ideas.

A narrow definition of "literacy" might stop at recognizing the ability to read and write -- well enough, say, to pass a "literacy test." We believe such a definition is too limited for the world in which we live. Rather, being truly literate means being able to construct and construe meaning from language in ways that enable critical understanding and effective communication, whether of an artistic or prosaic nature.

a narrow definition of literacy

We owe our own appreciation of language and great affection for words to being well taught both at home and at school. Metaphor is proud to be a supporter of Partners in School Innovation, an Americorps Program that takes a similarly broad view of critical literacy issues. Partners in School Innovation is a school reform organization working to strengthen public schools in low-income communities throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. To help children achieve real educational equity, this program focuses on teacher learning and, most importantly, offers comprehensive, sustainable literacy solutions that go beyond superficial skills.

In recognition of the myriad challenges associated with engendering and encouraging meaningful literacy in our communities -- local, national, and global -- Metaphor likewise supports the efforts of organizations like those below, which address the literacy needs of both children and adults. We hope you will, too.

Just Think -- nonprofit foundation founded to promote media literacy and develop critical thinking skills in young people.

Reading is Fundamental -- develops and delivers child and family literacy programs to prepare young children for reading and motivate older children to read.

Literacy Partners -- adult and family literacy organization serving students on both the local and national levels.

First Book -- a national nonprofit organization with a single mission: to give disadvantaged children the opportunity to read and own their first new books.

International Book Project -- promotes global friendship and world literacy through book distribution projects.

Student Coalition for Action in Literacy (SCALE) -- national organization that mobilizes college students to address the literacy needs of the United States.

California Literacy, Inc. -- statewide nonprofit organization providing leadership to new and existing literacy programs and their students through training, resources, consultation and advocacy.

Bay Area Writing Project -- dedicated to improving writing and the teaching of writing at all grade levels and in all disciplines.

Strategic Literacy Initiative -- a professional development and research program serving middle and high school educators in the San Francisco Bay Area and nationally.